Truth or Error?

Have you ever had an argument with someone and were fully convinced how you were right—only later to realize the facts and data were against your argument and you were wrong? What did you do?
Read Matthew 22:23-33.
What do you see happening here (especially in verse 29)?
What was Jesus’ admonition in verse 29? Would He say this to you?
The Sadducees were experts in religion. They thought they had it all figured out. When these know-it-alls decided to show Jesus just how little He knew, they posed a hypothetical scenario to which there was no answer—it was a trick and a trap.
Have you ever faced a question you thought had no answer? What was it?
Jesus busted up their game. He told them they didn’t know the Scriptures, and consequently God’s nature, as well as they thought. Essentially, He said to them, “Look, you’ve failed to go to the Bible as your ultimate source of truth and let it make the final ruling. As a result, you’ve missed the truth.”
Is it easier to seek out answers or convince yourself you already know? Why?
The Bible is the ultimate authority and source of truth. 
Prayer: “Lord, I recognize the Bible as the source of ultimate truth and authority. Help me compare everything to its standard.” ~ Chris